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Is Chinese Really the Hardest Language in the World to Learn?

Chinese is a tonal language. Mandarin is unique and distinct from Japanese, Korean, and other East Asia languages. Available on Android and iOS. I knew a brilliant and eccentric Russian linguist in living in China who spoke or read more than a dozen languages, including languages from former Soviet regions, German, English, Esperanto, Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and three types of Hieroglyphics. That’s because there isn’t technically a Chinese “alphabet”. For example, if you’re a Brazilian who speaks Portuguese, Russian would probably be a tricky language for you to learn. “Hi, my name is Benny. Is the same with 请给我汤匙. I’m enjoying of learning Chinese as my 3rd languages. And because you are working based on missions, you’ll proceed very quickly and in a way that is better than any course or book on its own can provide. There is an honorific system in Chinese. Chinese Words Words with 钱.

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How to learn Mandarin Chinese by yourself: 15 tips for success

There are plenty of obscure Chinese words, but I often run into complex or scientific English words that seem to make more sense in Chinese. Apart from just focusing on Simplified Chinese used in Mainland China, Malaysia, and Singapore, the book also teaches Traditional Chinese used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Learn 4000 simplified Chinese characters. If you want to learn Chinese in 5 minutes every day, it’s going to take a while, but you’ll be able to start sounding right with the help of a good Mandarin Chinese word list. With Pleco you can look up Chinese words and characters using various input methods, create flashcard decks, and practise reading in Chinese with graded reading materials available for download. To enroll in CLI’s one on one online Chinese lessons, please complete our enrollment form. Master of Education, University of Sydney. The big problem is that most courses, textbooks and so on test yourcomprehension of numbers by getting you to translate them into your nativelanguage. There are a few ways in which Mandarin Chinese is actually easier for native English speakers to pick up. It was called Intermediate Reader in Modern Chinese. First of all, the same characters are used across Mandarin and Cantonese, so knowing them boosts the number of people you can communicate with. The sound and phonetics could be the strongest argument that Korean is the more difficult language to learn. The phonetic component gives clues to the sound of the character. The second level is “Limited Working Proficiency. Dedicating a bit of time to studying each language daily will make sure you maintain momentum while learning.

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Because conversing with friends is one of the most acceptable methods of learning Chinese. For example, they appear in these words. This enables you to actively produce and recognize them. My view on tones was further reinforced. Of course, you can also create and customize your own routine for however you’re studying Chinese by textbook, Youtube videos, or any other Chinese language programs out there. Is Mandarin Chinese the only tonal language in the world. There are many new apps appear in the App Store and Google Play. You see, I simply don’t write. And that’s just a small taste of what you’re about to unlock. Why do some Japanese scripts look similar to Chinese. Come across an important verb conjugation breakthrough. Of course, everyone has a different method of studying, but hopefully these tips are useful and can help you maximize the amount you learn during your stay in China or wherever you happen to be studying. The longer the subscription, the greater the discount. There are over 400 lessons, and they’re arranged according to real life themes, such as work or ordering out at restaurants. All languages have their own special ways of saying things. The old lessons were not like that. This course is available to stream or download via the Michel Thomas Method Library app. If you’re at all interested in learning languages, you’ve probably already used Duolingo. According to scholars, Chinese is not just one language but a family of languages with several dialects, including Taiwanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, etc. Links for downloading: iOS/ Android. The bark on the tree. The writing system is a major difference between Japanese and Korean. Each audio lesson is presented by two energetic hosts who focus on motivating and encouraging learners to enhance their listening skills.

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Japanese vs Korean vs Chinese Which Is Really The. Tip number two is to really put a constant and dedicated effort into learning characters. You can see that there is a horizontal line with two minor vertical strokes at the top of each word. Once you work out what level you’re at, you can aim your self study at learning the material needed to pass the next level of the HSK test. Think about it—the more excited you are to learn, the more you’ll learn, which means the faster you’ll see progress. And which is the best option for you to tackle. I’m feelin’ some baozi and bubble tea right now, wanna hit up Chinatown. Numeral + measure word + noun. It can even help you write in Chinese online conversations. Japanese requires a large amount of study to learn because its writing system includes three different scripts, and the language includes different vocabulary and grammatical forms to use based on social context. I might not use handwriting in real life, but I personally consider it an important part of how I memorize characters. Each lesson comes with very detailed explanations and lots of examples. “I warmly recommend this learning platform. Learn Chinese in 3 Minutes Video Lessons. Speak Business Chinese Spoken Language: Simple Business Chinese Conversations. While you should definitely pick the genre you love the most, I personally think that Chinese romantic comedies and light dramas make good learning tools. 95, Levels 1 and 2 together cost $249. There are also many distinct dialects of Arabic, with the Arabic of Egypt being very different from the Arabic spoken in Saudi Arabia, for example. Before the advent of Alec Tronic or online dictionaries, it was very time consuming and painful to consult a Chinese dictionary. Price: Free on Android devices; $25 for lifetime access on IOS. While I wouldn’t personally call Japanese phonetics easy, as there really is quite a bit of subtle stuff going on under the surface, the language is merciful to learners in that it doesn’t have any sounds that could reasonably be confused.

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SuperTest formerly HSK Online helps you prepare for the Chinese Proficiency Test HSK with vocabulary and grammar materials for HSK test takers. Language aptitude, your natural ability to use and acquire language, varies depending on prepossessed cognitive skills. The USA is a very diverse country with plenty of education opportunities for nearly every language. A Chinese proverb perfectly describes the experience of learning Chinese. Other users can then freely offer corrections and feedback. Com, Inc, or its affiliates. Until then, what matters is that you get in ample doses of. The HSK Standard Course series structures its lessons according to a corresponding level of fluency, with HSK 1 being a beginner level, and HSK 6 being fluent. A good friend who doesn’t mind speaking with you is all you really need. If you’re a college student in China to learn Chinese, Chengdu has some great programs from third party providers, as well as seven different universities that accept foreign students. Has this post encouraged you to get started.

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This writing system is based on Chinese. As a rule, this makes things somewhat easier for English speakers. Even beginners can and should find ways to practice speaking from Day One. You can find plenty of SRS spaced repetition software out there to help you. Thanks for your support. Language is, after all, about communication. Check out ‘Chinese In Steps’, it’s the textbook for the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies. For most Chinese learners, handwriting characters is best employed as a party trick to impress friends or relatives. See our full review of ChineseSkill. Why not get your feet wet by learning some basic Chinese vocabulary and skills, like how to say “yes” and “no” in Chinese. Based on the Chinese characters they had learned, Japanese people created kana to suit the needs of the Japanese language. Mandarin has four tones, sounds smooth and musical, and is a delight to listen to. By understanding these things, learners can rationalize what they find difficult. Introducing yourself, getting around the city, buying a ticket, renting a hotel room, or shopping it’s all covered in detail so you can learn the essentials of the Chinese language in an easy and fun way. The characters are also much easier to learn once you know the radicals because when you learn a new character, you can just memorize what radicals it contains and in what position they are situated. However, in the end, it will be a truly rewarding experience. 一下要纠个错:日语中使用漢字的并不全是 Traditional Chinese, 它和 Simplified Chinese 一样,曾经简化过漢字。例如:單Chinese Traditional,单Chinese Simplified,単 Japanese Simplified. In addition to that, you’ll need to learn how to read Chinese characters and understand how to visualize them based on the meanings they represent. Du Chinese allows you to read through different Chinese stories, with the difficulty level ranging from beginner to advanced. Best Customizable Study Tool: Anki. ChineseClass101 is technically an online course, but their mobile app has everything you need to access their comprehensive library of lessons, and more. ChinesePod requires subscription if you want full access but it has a YouTube channel. It requires a huge effort and it’s a very important aspect of the language, so those who just start their Chinese studies, my advice is: “train your tones. For students with kanji knowledge, it takes 350 study hours to pass JLPT N5, and 462 hours if you have no prior kanji knowledge. This was my learning material. Comparing these numbers, it’s obvious that the Chinese language has a bigger number of speakers than Japanese. The course will be taught completely in Mandarin, however students are not expected to have any experience learning Chinese. Celebrate each small accomplishment along the way and try not to focus too much on how far you still have to go. Collect sentences from newspapers and magazines, novels, subtitles, or dictionaries, and use them to create flashcards.

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The Chinese language is written in Hanzi characters. FluentU brings Chinese to life with real world videos. Learn character stroke orders, see example sentences, use the handwriting recognition tool, and listen to audio recordings of over 34,000 words by two native Mandarin speakers. For this reason, Chinese has the longest literary tradition of any language. 请给我英文菜单 qǐng gěi wǒ yīng wén cài dān — Can I have an English menu. But over time, they developed their own with its distinct pronunciations. The guest cannot enter the house — there is no room. There’s no need to listen to all of them – you decide when you’re ready to move up a level. I found that the efforts of teachers to explain these radicals and other components at the early stages of my learning were not to great avail. What’s more, you can offer up your English or other language skills in exchange and both practice your target languages together. That way, even if it takes a while to come up with a solution for front end sounds like “lao,” you’re able to exploit it for a number of words instead of having to reinvent the wheel again and again. I graduated from 20 Lectures on Chinese Culture to Intermediate Reader in Modern Chinese out of Cornell University. They use characters, and every word has its own character. It has a large number of users, which means that you have the best chance of finding your best language exchange partner. This lesson covers the bare minimum you should know before going anywhere Chinese speaking. Watch 1000s of videos of native speakers and practice speaking with our AI language partner all at your fingertips. Notice the literal translations make Mandarin so logical to learn. Each Chinese character is taught through a helpful story, often including the pronunciation, corresponding audio, stroke order and meaning of the character.

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Despite being widely portrayed as having a single language, China is in fact an astonishingly diverse country when it comes to accents and dialects. Free and Paid for courses are also offered via podcasts. 10 basic vowels and 14 constants with dome double sounds. HSK SuperTest is best suited for those who already have a basic grasp of the language. It’s a common mistake to think that you will be able to study for two hours every day of the week. The professor looked to be in a hurry, but Nansen said, “I will prepare tea for you. Hence, you will probably not be judged even if your Mandarin Chinese vocabulary and speaking skills are not native. What’s the point of spending time with details in handwriting when it’s hard to even recognise common character. It is indeed hard work, but if you put it side by side with European languages, then saying it’s “damn hard”, or “orders of magnitude harder than European languages” is nothing but an exaggeration, usually made by people with no actual familiarity with the languages they are dismissing. No need to worry about learning Chinese characters – this course focuses on speaking skills, making it accessible and enjoyable. Whether you should learn Korean or Japanese is a very personal choice and should not depend on the difficulty level of the languages. This subject is the second of a series that forms an introduction to modern standard Chinese, commonly called Mandarin, the language with the largest number of native speakers in the world. The main teaching content of each lesson is in the “Tips” section, which you need to read before taking the corresponding test. 2K Likes, 23 Comments. You can get $50 off an annual Premium subscription to ChinesePod by using the coupon code “ALLLANG50”. The evolution of the characters 人, 从, and 众. If I reflect on what I did, I find that there were six things that helped me learn faster than other students who were studying with me. How to learn chinese in 3 days: still laughing. So, is there any good news buried in here. We came up with different examples to help you. Then she erased the phrase and asked us to write it. In select learning programs, you can apply for financial aid or a scholarship if you can’t afford the enrollment fee.

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The step by step guide below is for all beginners and those considering learning Mandarin Chinese but who are lost on exactly how to get started. You may even want to record yourself to compare. Not only do you hear native speakers engaged in dialogues real people would actually hold, but you also get vocabulary lists. It would be best to consider what Chinese language you wish to learn. “Ten Lions” is clearly a contrived example. Do you have questions for me or want to share something. First, the good news: the Chinese language is far less grammatically complex than most other languages. If you want to learn enough Chinese to get by during a trip to China, then you can try those. Even if it’s the best app in the world for learning Mandarin Chinese, it’s easy to switch off that part of your brain the second you put your phone away. I cannot reiterate enough the importance of that statement. I found Keats School and I am so glad that I did. “You are overflowing with opinions, philosophies, doctrines, scriptures. 12 learning scenarios for the Chinese learning beginner. ” You don’t have to make your first conversation any fancier than that. In Gautier’s novella Fortunio, a Chinese professor from the Collège de France, when asked by the protagonist to translate a love letter suspected to be written in Chinese, replied that the characters in the letter happen to all belong to that half of the 40,000 characters which he has yet to master. For sure I’ll follow your advice and look out carefully for the bridging words. Let’s take 人 ren as an example. TCB presents users with short, interesting news articles from China that take only a few minutes to read. What makes the app stand out is how much it uses artificial intelligence to give you feedback. Pitch is different to tone because it refers only to a high or low sound while tones are more variable which is why Chinese is more vocal/musical and sounds so different to Japanese. In Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Nanjing University. Learning Mandarin Chinese. This emotional blackmail usually had the desired effect, spurring me into action whenever I had a spare moment. Learn one of 10 languages in over 50 top cities. Learning Mandarin words is the first step in speaking Chinese. Our class is really nice and we have people from all over the world, different countries. But one of the best features is that it allows you to create lists of your own. The lessons are short and easy to manage and there is a lot of flexibility in the topics you choose to study.

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